Luciano Costa


Good News & Bad News…

So I have good news and bad news…and possibly really good news again.

The good news is that I finally received the shipment of headshots from the printers and I will start autographing them tomorrow and mailing them out.

The bad news is that there was an error with the order. Instead of printing the image with a full bleed to the edge of the 8x10 paper, the image was printed with a white border (see below).  Unfortunately it was my fault because did not notice it on the proof. Thus I am not able to return the order or request a refund which means that now I’m stuck with 200 copies of myself staring out of a box.

The really good news is that since I fucked up and I am not able to provide you with exactly what I had promised, I am discounting the price of the autographed headshots to $25 instead of $30. For anyone who has already made a payment, you have the option to receive a $5 refund OR a full refund. I will be contacting you individually by email in case you don’t see this post.

The quicker I can sell all 200 of these, the quicker I can place a new order as it should be. So please "signal boost" (see I’m learning) and order one today. 

Thank you and sorry.