Luciano Costa


New to Tumblr and learning my way around. In the meantime, want to send a quick hello to all the Kaidan/Mass Effect fans out there. Just to make it official, yes, I was the face model for KA. :)  I’ve been humbled by the experience to learn of the fan base out there that I didn’t know even existed until a few months ago. Thank you for the kind messages.

Btw, wondering if you guys could do me a big favor. Since some of you have enjoyed sharing a few of my very personal photos (without my consent *wink*), it would be awesome if you could return the favor. I operate a social outings and networking club that serves the needs of the LGBTQ community based in Los Angeles and need your help spreading the word. Although we’re located in LA, we do welcome non-residents. We are looking to expand regionally (and hopefully someday nationally) so when you have a moment, please LIKE our fan page at 

And if you are 21 and over, live or often travel to the Southern California area and identify with the LGBTQ community, please register as a member and create a profile on our website so you may join us at future events. We host a variety of monthly functions such as networking mixers, outdoor activities and community service. Go to to sign up. It’s free!

Thank you again. I hope to hear from you guys soon. Feel free to follow me. I’ll be posting new photos soon.

P.S. Raphael Sbarge and I may soon be meting over coffee to officially meet! 

P.S.S Due to several fan requests, autographed photos are now available for purchase. Please visit my tumblr page for details.


Luciano (aka. Kaidan Alenko)